Saturday, October 24, 2009

Project Clothesline - Costume Competition

Shipboard, Halloween 1936

LuRene and Agnes win third
prize as clothes poles.
Prize—two silver loving cups
inscribed “S.S. California”

Announced by purser over loud
speaker in main dining room
during dinner.


"Talk to me, designers."


  1. Marjorie dearest!
    Oh what a fun post you have going here....your style is so wonderful! And I have always loved the title of your blog. Oh don't you wish we could all sit at table together and share our dreams and talents over a good bottle of wine and a fine stew? I raise my glass to you tonight dear one! We are eating some stew tonight after I type this message! A ta santé! Anita

  2. How cute Marjorie
    I wonder where those loving cups are now?? Personally I think Mae West [?] should have won.. ha ha

    Have a great week x Julie

  3. That is so clever.....what I love about Halloween. Everyone gets to use their imaginations. Now I know what we'll be next year!! Thanks!

  4. What a great photograph, Marjorie and so clever of you.Do you think that they were relaxing on deck and said "Shall we go to the fancy dress as a washing line ?". ? Who would ever think of that ? Hehe XXXX

  5. Love the clothes line. What a great idea for a costume party!

  6. hi marjorie,

    thanks for visiting our blog and for your lovely comment today too (we weren't sure if it was our work you liked or our friend Paul's ... or maybe both). our work is here ... but if it was Paul's, do let us know and we will pass on your lovely compliment.

    kind regards,

    sammy and glenn