Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sea Gypsy

Sea Gypsy

I am fevered with the sunset,
I am fretful with the bay,
For the wander-thirst is on me
And my soul is in Cathay.

There’s a schooner in the offing,
With her topsails shot with fire,
And my heart has gone aboard her
For the Islands of Desire.

I must forth again to-morrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the sea.

Poem by Bliss Carman, from More Songs from Vagabondia

Boat docked at Moss Landing California, October 2009

Still riding the waves,


  1. Marjorie, you make me want to set sail right now. It's a grey day here and the seas are a bit choppy, but what's a little rough weather to a sea gypsy! This is a lovely post. xo

  2. HI Marjorie
    Love your little sea gypsy here!! very sweet!
    Well i love boats as you know and this post is yet another delightful chapter from you.

    Feeling a bit better so trying to catch up on all my missed blogging. Have a great weekend. x Julie

  3. Marjorie! What a lovely poem and is that your boat? What a wonderful "ballet" on water....well, our summer is over. We had snow yesterday! A bit early, even for Minnesota, but we got a dusting fromm a storm down in Iowa. Thank you for visiting my ballet blog! You were a dancer too! BRAVO! Anita

  4. I have always thought boats could talk. This poem reminds me of an old boat chugging at sea.

  5. Though I do not have a boat i can't image living anywhere that would not be by the sea. We are so lucky!!!!Lovely poem!!

  6. Marjorie...what a lovely poem and fabulous boat.... a lovely sea-faring post. XXXX

  7. Love the little seafaring boy..., and always check out the boat names at the marinas.