Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I Brought Back With Me

A wee bit weary from a long cross-country trek, but busy unpacking my souvenirs. I will be back shortly with some "happy snaps" from the trip.

(The above New Yorker cover by Mary Petty has particular signifiance to me. As a graduate student I worked at the Syracuse University Art Collection, organizing the archive of husband and wife New Yorker cartoonists Alan Dunn and Mary Petty). How sweetly Petty's illustration has captured the delight of collecting "treasures" while on holiday, and the joy of bringing them back home!


P.S. Le Garage Sale was a huge success. Thankfully, no rain. Many sales, but more went home as gifts to family, friends, and new pals Sophie and Bernadette. The antique French wine bottles went with young James who will display them in his new wine bar in downtown Geneva. Sweet Pea, our adorable stray cat, went back to his original owner, but after only one night away, he has found his way back to our family cottage. His next move is going to be to rural Vermont, with my three little nephews.