Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trés Chick

Wander down almost any street in San Juan Bautista, California, and you will encounter one of the towns’ feathered residents strutting their stuff.

Several hundred feral roosters and chickens have the run of the place. You will find them clucking, perched in trees, nesting in the bushes, pecking in the gardens of the adobes, and wandering in and out of the quaint shops. Basically, they're everywhere!

Accustomed to people, they preen and pose for cameras.

It is a great tourist draw, second only to the town’s historic Spanish Mission (1797). Legend has it that the early priests bought chickens with them, and some escaped into the town. These are the ancestors of the modern day birds roaming the village. This year we were among the visitors flocking here for the annual Chicken Festival.

Festivities included a parade, antique vendors, a crowing contest for the kids, a chicken barbeque, and the crowning of a "Miss Chicken Festival" queen.

Chicken Couture - as modeled by one of the "Miss Chicken Festival" hopefulls.

I came home with lots to crow about!

Sur la route,


  1. What a wonderful town with a great Spanish history and I love that last chicken (or is it a rooster ?). Looks as if you had a smashing time....did you have chicken for dinner !!!! He he. XXXX

  2. Hey Marjorie
    How interesting. Who would've thunk it.. Chicken town! I'm amazed at the colours of these chicks and roosters. Especially this last guy.. teals and burgundy and pink! Very Ralph Lauren! haha Love to see that Spanish Mission also, it think that would be fascinating!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for your lovely comments. xx Julie

  3. Margorie! What a fun and original post! There are some unusual and absolutely charming places in our world to visit and be enchanted by! What a hoot, to see these birds! When I first moved out to Minneapolis from Boston, I saw my first pig race. That was wild, seeing these little pigs running with numbers strapped on their little pink bodies; and to think how AMUSED everyone was. I started to cheer for them myself and I suddenly caught myself. I wondered if anyone noticed, but then again, everyone was acting just as silly as me!!! Let's just have fun, then!

    Thanks for visiting my post on Stillwater and leaving such nice comments. Yes, I believe if anyone gets wind of this place, they will visit all the luscious stores and get the economy rolling again; we sure have contributed! Have a marvelous Sunday! A bientôt, Anita

  4. Great photos! I loved sharing in your adventure through the photographs!

  5. I can just imagine the town with these chickens running all about. How charming! I missed going to the local fairs this year. One of my favorite things to visit are the chickens. Soooo many different beautiful birds.
    Thank you for this fun story!

  6. How fun and original. I love the idea behind it. A bet it brings the whole town together.

  7. This is such a fun and colorful post! I would love to visit here one day! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Take care, Laura

  8. c'est marrant!!
    merci de tes visites


  9. Thank you visiting my blog and leaving such kind words! I look forward to reading up on yours! Fondly, Denise

  10. What an original, fun post! I love the first picture.