Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cody Round-up

Tourist Stop No. 1 on our trip across the US was Cody, Wyoming. A cowgirl and her cowboy could be very happy here for days. Buffalo Bill Cody (the famous turn-of-the-century showman, known for his Wild West show), was one of the founders of this town. In 1902 he opened the "Irma" hotel named for his daughter.

The Irma's interior is filled with game trophies and family mementos from Buffalo Bill's time, including the famous long bar a gift from Queen Victoria.

You can "chow" down in the saloon/dining room with the other tourists, or dine "al fresco" on the porch with the locals, and listen to country western music.

Then mosey on over to the 'art deco' style theatre across the street to catch a live cowboy revue.

Yippee - the "Traditions West" shop, a source for vintage Western style in all its manifestations, is just a few doors away.

And if you come to Cody in the Summer...don't miss the nightly Rodeo!

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