Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giving Thanks

Little Pilgrims ~ Elizabeth Grace, Carrie and John Mark

Giving Thanks

by Mattie M. Renwick

For flowers so beautiful and sweet,
For friends and clothes and food to eat,
For precious hours, for work and play,
We thank Thee this Thanksgiving Day.

For father’s care and mother’s love,
For the blue sky and clouds above,
For springtime and autumn gay,
We thank Thee this Thanksgiving Day!

For all Thy gifts so good and fair,
Bestowed so freely everywhere,
Give us grateful hearts we pray,
To thank Thee this Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Holiday and thank you for your friendship!


  1. Hello Marjorie..What a lovely poem...I really enjoyed it..I think I'll read it at the table for Thanksgiving.....thank you for sharing it...

    Have a wonderfull Holiday and am looking forward to a continued new friendship....

    Happy Thanksgiving


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear Marjorie! Such a sweet photograph and charming poem! I hope this holiday brings you much joy!
    Take care, Laura

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, lovely Marjorie! I don't think that photo could be any sweeter.

    xoxo Gigi

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well, Marjorie! The photo is priceless. Your family?

  5. What a lovely poen and such a sweet photograph.
    I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving, Marjorie. We don't celebrate this holiday in the U.K. but I am truly thankful for all that I have. XXXX

  6. What a priceless photo. Is that you as a child or something or maybe your parents? Sweet.

    Here's to a great Thanksgiving. I hope you have a most memorable time, full of love and laughter. ..And don't forget, the Xmas tea coming up!

    Thank you, btw, for you lovely comments on my "late" post(s).

  7. what a lovely poem and adorable photo. We always read and say poetry at Thanksgiving. I think I'll had this poem to this year's readings :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Thank you for your comments. Yes, the poem is very dear. The photograph is from my Collection of antique images.

    Happy holiday to all!


  9. Oh Marjorie! What a lovely poem! I love poetry so much. I am thankful for all of the friends and beauty here in blogland and in my "real" life. Thank you for coming to spend a magical moment with me; happy Thanksgiving day, ou bien, Bonne Fête ma chère! Anita

  10. What an adorable photograph. What a beautiful poem.

    Thank you.

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. How I miss it.


  11. Marjorie... Happy Thanksgiving!

    E-mail me about my Etsy shop. I will give you details (mfairfaxf at juno dot com)


  12. Adorable photo, and sweet little poem. Happy Thanksgiving, Marjorie!

  13. Dearest Marjorie! How lovely that you came by in the midst of turkey in the oven, pie on the table and family all around! Yes, Christmas is the best time for magic!!! Have a great evening! Anita

  14. How sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. So grateful we have "met"

  15. HI Marjorie
    What a gorgeous little photo. Very sweet
    Happy 'Belated' Thanksgiving to you!

    Take care xx Julie

  16. Hi Marjorie!
    That is the most appropriate picture!!!! A most happy belated Thanksgiving.... We are comotose right now.... The "Apres Holiday"what happened to the shop???? Freak Out!!!I am going to try and keep up throughout the holidays...Bear with me I am glad you are my blogging friend...

  17. Happy Holiday to you too, thanks for all your well wishes. xx