Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are you going to the Christmas Tea Party?

“Yippee!” We all shouted.
“Today we’re going to Mr. Toast’s in Aspen for tea.”
“I’ve never been to Aspen before,” I said.
“I have never been on skis before,” said Lulu-belle.
“I’m not afraid.” said Teddy. “Let’s go!”

This being our first real, grown-up, blog tea party, so we are very excited and very nervous. What is the proper tea party etiquette and attire? Can we find our way there?

Teddy is being very generous. He is insisting on bringing the strawberry rose-petal jam that he had been saving for his long winter nap.

Lulu-belle and I have been busy all week making holiday cookies from a secret family recipe (which, because we are sharing it with you, is no longer a secret.)

I’ll be wearing my mittens, which were made by our friend Audrey. They are copied after a pair that kept the hands of Norway’s King Haakon VII, warm during WWII, while he was in exile in Britain.

Lulubelle’s Christmas mittens were hand-knit in Estonia.
Teddy, of course, is going bare-pawed.

So we’re off then. Fingers and paws crossed we make it. No worries mate - it’s all downhill from here.


Marjorie, Lulu-belle and Teddy

P.S. Love and bear hugs this birthday to E.G.T., the real doll in the family.


  1. How marvelous is this! Will you be bringing along some of your wonderful wine too? Those mittens are adorable! But what else will you attire in so we can recognize you when your arrive!

    I am writing you up on my promoters side bar update status as wel speak. Wondeful. thak you.

    BTw, with teh snow fallling, every time I type all the comments disappears, including this one so I can't read any of it. Thus can't proof here. Sorry.

  2. One of my closest friends is Estonian and all she bought back recently was a fridge magnet. I will berate her for not bringing mittens. Then again, not much use for them over here but they could come in handy during the winter. It's chilly feeding horses at 6am!

  3. Shall I knit you all a hat? I'm very worried for you all, as the heat goes out of your heads and you will all need a hat. ....and don't forget that lots of thin layers is better than one thick jumper..... although, Teddy should be O.K with all of his fur. XXXX

  4. I LOVE those knitted mittens. :)

    So glad that you could join us all last night at Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea Party. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic wine that you brought.

  5. The mittens are adorable...

    wasn't the Christmas Tea just the most fun...I really enjoyed it...I would love to meet Mr. Toast..seems like such a nice guy...and you, my dear, were stunning in your vintage Ralph Lauren...

    more later,

  6. Mittens are cute....I love the little snowflakes falling down your blog. How cute.

  7. Thank you again fro coming. What fun it was to have you. Glad you mentioned the thing with the wine, was wondering about that! :)

  8. Marjorie..thank you so much for your kind words regarding my little Buddy....they mean the world to me.....

    Kary and Buddy

  9. Oh my-- those mittens are fab! xGG