Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Head Florist at White House

It has recently been announced that Laura Dowling, a floral designer from Alexandria, Virginia, is to be the new White House Head Florist. Of course, those of us who were fortunate enough to be at her September 29th seminar at Pierre Deux in Carmel, knew weeks before that she was a finalist. We were, however, under a gag order until it was made public.

Our good mates Robert and Michelle were visiting from Australia, so we girls, and our official photographer, MQA, decided to attend the event.

It was standing room only, but those of us who arrived early got to sit right up front on some of the shop’s luxurious chairs.

Laura is absolutely charming, very accessible and passionate about her craft. She made her first trip to Paris ten years ago, and since then has studied under such floral masters as Christian Tortu and Catherine Muller.

Laura demonstrates the Bouquet Ronde technique

An arrangement in a miniature Anduze pot

The Vase Bouquet technique

Some of her signature ribbon embellishments

Long slender leaves cut, and folded, origami-style.

In closing, Laura said that a French style bouquet should look as if it comes straight from the garden or the meadow, using nature for inspiration, and mimicking how things grow.

Although, she announced that she was one of three being considered for the position at the White House, she asked me not to write anything on my blog yet. But I see I have already been scooped by many of the major networks!

Bonne chance Laura!


  1. Crikey !! What a fabulous job. Working with fabulous flowers all day with no price restriction....fantastic. Well done Laura. XXXX

  2. What an amazing achievement for her. Just imagine having that job! It would be so glorious. Thanks for visiting Beach Vintage whulst I have been away.

  3. un beau métier,jouer avec les fleurs tous les jours!!!

    bon weekend


  4. Dear Marjorie,
    I am remiss as I have never visited your blog. I am an idiot. Your blog is delightful and being an ex-California girl I went back to some of your others.... Thanks for visiting mine and the nice comments. We are gearing up for xmas at the shop and I don't get the time. I am putting you on my blog list....Thank you!!!!! Oh and I miss Carmel having been to the Monterey Jazz Festival and rented a house there...

  5. Kudos to Ms. Dowling! I especially like those origami folded leaves.

  6. It's truly has to be a passion. I used to work for a florist years ago thinking I might want to be one someday. I soon learned it just looks like fun....much like growing plants!:)
    She seems very qualified and talented. Must have been fun learning from such a pro!

  7. Hi Marjorie
    Well I'm sure she deserves this accolade.

    I think it takes not just skill in your trade, but great interpersonal skills to be in the spotlight like she will be now.. she must be very accomplished in many ways and I wish her all the best.

    You take care too xx Julie

  8. How fantastic is that? I so enjoyed this post. She sounds wonderful and I'm glad she won. Obviously a very talented woman indeed.

  9. Good Morning. I found you through my favorite blog in the world...Mr. Toast. I read your interests and seemed like we have alot in common. I lived for 30 years in Cambria and 2 years ago moved back to San Luis Obispo to be closer to family. I love your blog and will be following....

    More later,

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