Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Dream of a Ming Dynasty Beach House

Last night I dreamed I was walking down the gum tree lane that leads to our Ming Dynasty Beach House in Flinders, Australia.

The two Chinese carved doors still stood sentinel at the entrance, and I was greeted by the sound of temple bells, and the rustling of the young bamboo trees we had just planted.

Inside the door, on an altar table, I found a small wooden shrine with a smiling Buddha, surrounded by green glazed ginger jars.

On the kitchen counter, a ferocious Chinese ceramic dragon, which once decorated a Peking roof, stood guard over our home.

"Shanghai Lil", our vintage VJ sailboat, was safe in its berth high above the lounge room.

Souvenirs of beach-combing, op-shopping and flea-market forays filled the shelves of the antique French curio cabinet.

High above the master bed, a simple bamboo screen floated Zen-like.

A bedside tableau just as I had left it, with a vintage magnolia print, and a red lacquer box.

On the wall in the guest bath, a shell-encrusted mirror by artist, William Walker.

A robe, once worn by a pilgrim in one of the far-flung reaches of China, (only to be bought by another pilgrim (me) at Beijing’s dirt market), adorned the dining room wall.

Light filtered through the shades, and it felt like walking in a bamboo forest.

There, in my office space, was my inspiration board still covered with visual reminders of my many unfinished projects and ideas.

Vintage Chinese tea tins were stacked on top of the Chinoiserie chest in my office.

I traced the names and autographs that our guests had left on the blackboard door of the secret wine cellar. Inside, I found the racks stocked with every fine wine we had ever sampled.

When I awoke, it was a year later, and a world away.

It was a "Dream House". Good fortune smiled on us everyday of the six years that we lived there.

Lucky indeed!


  1. Marjorie...what a peaceful place...just beautiful....

    thanks for stopping by this morning...

    wish you could have been at the bbq....

    i missed you...


  2. Happy New Year!!

    Truly stunning. I so love the hanging boat!

  3. What a beautiful place, Marjorie.
    Very calm and filled with so many personal things.
    A testament to your good taste. XXXX

  4. HI Marjorie
    What a lovely home decorated with such unique style. I love your ceramic dragon he looks wonderful!! and the boat hanging there is fabulous too.... do you still own this house?

    The bamboo screens leading up the path remind me very much of an image i have with a Lao Tzu saying.. very peaceful indeed!! xx Julie

  5. A beautiful and inspiring place. So full of lived and living life :)

  6. Oh Marjorie! OWOW! You lived in such a place? How wonderful! Wherever we go, we make it a home when there are loving family members and creativity to cozy up the place. How lovely the Asian art of décor. Thank you for hopping on by my cold neck of the woods!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anita

  7. Happy New Year and I love that boat suspended in mid air inside that house...amazing.

  8. Hi Marjorie...thank you so much for your visit!!! I truly hope you enjoyed your time in the Land Down Under...What a beautiful home you had whilst here...Dzintra♥x

  9. I wish I have that hanging boat! So beautiful!

  10. Just beautiful! How on earth did you ever pull yourself away from such a "dreamy" place?

    Thank you for visiting my blog today and becoming a follower!

    Kat :)

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