Monday, May 23, 2011

LA Ranch Style

In the 1930's the Will Rogers Ranch in Pacific Palisades, California was the height of LA Ranch Style. Rogers was an American humorist and Hollywood personality.

This is how the outside of the Ranch looked then...

The big room of the Main House -with Texas Longhorn cattle trophies, serape rugs, and Western style art and furniture.

A room in one of the wings - Note the chair in the corner

The Ranch as it looks today.

The Stables, corral and...

Stable Interior

Rogers was an avid horseman and polo player, and the Ranch is home ground for the Will Rogers Polo Club. Many of the greats of Hollywood's Golden Age once played here: Clark Gable, Walt Disney, Spencer Tracy et al.

This day it was Malibu vs. Santa Monica.

Now that's Polo Style!

Meanwhile, back at Hemispheres, a shop at 1210 Montana Avenue (Santa Monica), Ranch Style is alive and well. Their Monterey Furniture range is based on furniture pieces from the Will Rogers Ranch. They also carry Mexican serapes, Native American carpets, and a dazzling array of ikats, Chinese textiles, woodblock printed textiles...

Oriental rugs,

and rare Suzani embroidery from Central Asia.

One little "doggie's" home on the range!

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  1. Hello Marjorie:
    It is, of course, always of interest to have a glimpse into the past, and where it is into the lives, and specifically homes, of those whose fame has lasted, then it becomes all the more intriguing. And, as here, it is fascinating to see the ways in which those lives have spread their influence in so many different directions.

    And why is it that old images always, at least to us, appear more interesting than those of the present.

  2. Hi Marjorie!
    Great glimpse in th the LA Ranch style..... I see so much of the Texas Ranch style here but that is ever changing now........Maryannexo