Friday, July 3, 2009

Fly Away

Time to say good-bye after six years in this safe harbor called Flinders. But before we leave, it was party time! Since Pier Provedore had become a favorite daily stop, it was the perfect venue for “My Farewell Party”.

With the date set, the invitations designed and sent (each attendee was asked to bring a favorite recipe to share with me), there was no turning back!

Ina, a tour de force in the kitchen, set about working her magic. On offer that day were salmon starters, delicious Coronation chicken and salads as the main, crowned by a dessert comprised of panacotta with strawberry topping. The later was served in tiny vintage stemmed glasses (purchased at the op shop next door), artfully displayed on a tall tiered tray. There was Champagne for all, as well as bottles of gorgeous Australian wines chosen for the day by my husband. The table setting was a group affair. Darling Jacki (daughter of Ina and café stylist extraordinaire) fashioned little blue paper origami boats as a special surprise. Good mates Linley and Sue contributed some table-top elements, as well as the usual moral support. (See the picture of these two dears). Small robin’s egg blue pebbles which I had been hoarding were finally put to use, and the napkins were artfully wrapped with seagull motif tags from The Parrott Collection. All in all Martha Stewart would have been proud! (More “happy snaps” from the event may be viewed on the Pier Provedore blog.)

That lazy afternoon in Flinders, the most amazing group of women were gathered around that long table: a gallery owner, a glass artist, a curator, a silver jewelry designer, fashionistas, a real estate mogul, an antique dealer, a local historian, gardeners extraordinaire, op shop gals, animal lovers, and some just impossible to describe. Each so unique and special in their own right. How honored I was to have known them! How grateful I am for their sharing their lives and talents with me! They all had enriched my life. Some were meeting each other for the first time, and that day many new friendships were made. So much fun was had, that I forgot to make a toast. I do so now-

Dear friends: “May your road be level and peaceful!” I thank each of you from my heart.

Merci beaucoup! Marjorie

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  1. this is simply marvelous...most marvelous (too marvelous for words, actually) are the smiles ('tho is must be noted that the basket holds it's own!)