Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coming to You from Beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea!

The fog rolled in from the ocean, and like two weary pilgrims walking the Camino Real, we arrived in Carmel. Both of us had our ideas as to what life would be like in this part of the world. Mine were formed by the sixties film “The Sandpiper”, which starred Elizabeth Taylor as an artist living the “life boheme”. Michael, on the other hand, pictured himself as Dave Garver in “Play Misty for Me”, driving up the coastal highway in his vintage jag roadster, with Erroll Garner on the sound track. It remains to be seen if any of these images will be true to life!

Some things do not change. I have resumed my early morning walks, which now take me past tiny fairy tale cottages set in lush green landscapes. Quite the opposite scenery of the sun-burnt land I have just left. There are dogs walking people everywhere, for Carmel is dog heaven. Even Doris Day’s Cypress Inn welcomes pooches, with their own list of amenities, rates and a newsletter.

How homesick for "Oz" I felt, when on my first beach ramble I came upon a surfing competition. On Easter Sunday we newcomers joined the crowds attending mass at the Carmel Mission. Not far from there is Clint’s Mission Ranch. Nestled at the edge of a salt marsh and inlet from Monterey Bay, its paddocks are home to a family of woolly sheep. To sit on the deck at about sunset and look over to Point Lobos is a spiritual experience. It is said “the man” himself comes by on occasion and plays the piano in the bar. Almost every-night of the week in Carmel, outdoor films play at the charming WPA Forrest Theater – Peter Sellers classics show next week. Around every corner and down every paseo are tempting choices for local food and wine. Intriguing shops and galleries abound.

For my part, I am look forward to exploring and refining my métier. So much has changed since we left the States 10 years ago. My travels have exposed me to the style idioms of Switzerland, Belgium/France, China and Australia, but it will be a challenge for me to catch-up with the trends here. It is my hope to bring something fresh to my field, and through this blog to introduce my readers to these influences and inspirations.


  1. Bonjour! I see that you paid me a visit and became a follower! I like to welcome my new friends by stopping by and saying that I hope we can connect and visit often! If you had a chance to scroll through my posts, you will see that I did a post on the lovely fairy tale cottages of Carmel, my honeymoon spot of 27 years ago. I am a French teacher and love all things French, vintage, cottage, crowns, castles....I look forward to visiting you and seeing what you have in store! Take care, Anita

  2. What a lovely blog! It reflects your lovely personality. I will look forward to reading your future posts. Bethany

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. The blue in the ocean pearl button package is so beautiful. Have just stared at it for a few minutes...Michele

  4. Hi Gals,

    Thank you for the encouraging comments about my new blog. It is all so new to me, but it has been a joyful experience. I also look forward to following your inspiring blogs.

    Happy Summer,


  5. The card with the buttons are beautiful !
    Love it so much .
    Love from the Netherlands Rini

  6. Just found you---I don't know how, but I will return. I will be able to get my 'California Fix' through your blog.

  7. Hey Marjorie!!
    Well I think we met sometime after this post so lucky for me Maya just featured it over her way... You do live in a beautiful part of the world.. xxx Julie