Monday, February 4, 2019


My mother loved all flowers. But violets were my mother's favorite, and particular Parma violets. Every Valentine's Day my father would bring her a nosegay of these sweet fragrant blooms. At one time, small hand-tied bouquets of these could be found in the flower stalls and shops of cities around the world. I wish today's flower growers and florists would re-introduce them. Till then, this shopping bag I found when helping my mother move many years ago, will remind me of my Mother and her flower love.


  1. Violets and snowdrops are my favourite .... we used to buy them at the greengrocers ..... little bouquets of them ..... they were beautiful but we don't see them so much now. How lovely to have found that bag ..... you will remember your mum everytime you use it. XXXX

  2. Hearing from you is like receiving a lovely fragrant nosegay.Thank you friend.
    Fondly, Marjorie

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