Monday, February 4, 2013

Out of the Fog...Into the Mist

From Carmel on California's Monterey Peninsula, our little convoy headed out for Central Oregon.  Accompanied by our trusty GPS, and walkie-talkies, we were three vehicles in all. Out front in the lead Uhaul truck was "Grey Wolf"; followed by "Hawkeye" in the second truck; and in the last car - moi aka "Pocahantas".  We travelled North on Route 101, through winding California redwood forests, beside the rocky Oregon coast, and followed the Umpqua river to our new encampment.

Should you find yourself some evening at the Mission Ranch in Carmel, CA, ask the pianist to "Play Misty" for Me.



  1. Marjorie, I'd love to talk with you about your grandmother! Florence Hubbard went to Dana Hall School before she attended Wellesley, and she left the school a fabulous treasure trove of her letters home during her junior and senior years; they give a wonderful picture of her personality as well as life at the school during that time. We would be happy to send you and your family a reproduction of those letters, as well as a typescript of them that we've made. I think you'll enjoy getting a glimpse into the life of your long-ago relative!

    We're also hoping that you could help us by sending us reproductions of photographs you have of Florence. My understanding is that there are several photographs of Florence in a summer house that the family owns. We would love to have a picture of the girl we've all come to be so fond of from her letters!

    Thank you for your help with this archival project, and please let us know to what address we should send her letters. I can be reached at