Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Best Florist in Belgium

 It has just been announced that Tom Nackaerts, owner of Young Amadeus in Leuven, Belgium has been named his country's "Best Florist". 

Young Amadeus Mechelsestraat 41, Leuven

The Shop's fragrant and colorful interior.

The Shop's Tearoom Cafe

Some years ago, while living in Belgium, I was a regular vistor to the first Amadeus, which was the exquisite flower shop of Tom's father Jan.  Also in the center of Leuven, Jan's was one of the first shops in Belgium to create a unique Belgian floral style by combining historical and modern elements.   In fact, Amadeus was so beloved, that when it closed, a rose was named in its honor.  Nackaerts, the younger, most certainly learned much at his father's knee.  Evidently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 

Tot ziens,
(Photo immages from Nieusblad, Le Coin Beaute de Katina, Cityzine, Facebook; Antique Floralies 1913 announcement from my collection of paper ephemera )


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