Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chloe in Pearls

Perhaps you were expecting another "fashionista", named Chloe.  But this model, with attitude, is "Chloe" the adorable pug of our Australian friends Ian and Cathy Sutton.  

Although she was the runt of her litter, this in no way has inhibited her pesonality, status, presence or influence in the Sutton family.  She is quite social, and her many interests include: outings to the local villages of Mt. Martha and Mt. Eliza, with stops at the pet shop and hairdresser for special treats; catching up on her beauty sleep in a lap; snuggling with the family under a doona; amusing herself with her numerous toys, or just lying in her basket with a view out to the world beyond.

Here, Chloe is modeling a strand of pearls especially created for her by Cathy, who is a Australian jewelry designer (You can find her at CLS Design

It is amusing to find that the Victorians also enjoyed adorning their dogs.
 Some 19th c. Victorian Die-cut Scraps
Don't they all look marvelous, Darling?

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