Saturday, January 7, 2012

San Francisco Je t'aime

Souvenirs from a recent San Francisco getaway.

A classic retro neon sign

Open this private door at the Kensington Park Hotel, and you enter the under water world of the Farallon restaurant.

Jellyfish lights float across the restaurant's ceiling.

Window-shopping near Union Square. Uber-luxe trunks at Goyard

Walking a tight-rope in heels at Louis Vuitton - Quite a feet!

Some Ooh La La! at Neiman Marcus

The many faces of Lady Gaga as portrayed by children at Barney's

Strolling in the ancient Muir Woods.

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge.

An unexpected collage at your feet

Feasting on German food at the Soup Kitchen

Catching a whiff of Spring at a corner flower stall.

This City is full of so many wonderful things.

I shall return,



  1. Happy New Year Marjorie! What a great se to of photos. Loving the Lady Gagas.

  2. Looks like a marvelous trip! Love the photos....especially the old neon sign & the unexpected collage at your feet!

  3. Those jellyfish lights are toooooo cool.

    Happy New Year,


  4. I love the jellyfish lights and Goyard...great summary of San Francisco!