Saturday, April 2, 2011

Milady, Your Figure!

Milady looked at her figure in the mirror, and was not amused. Time to get in shape for the summer swimsuit reveal. So when she pulled this vintage album out of the record bin at The Last Chance Mercantile, it seemed just the trick. Long before there was Jane Fonda, Susan Carroll was the reigning authority on figure reduction and control.

So she'll get a leg up on Le Can-Can...

and waddle like a duck!

In the hope that Ms. Carroll is true to her promise that "a few minutes a day will help any woman keep slim, fit and alluring!"

Making it burn,

Marjorie, a.k.a. Milady


  1. Marjorie, how you find this stuff is beyond my comprehension!!!!So funny, got to go practice my cancan!!!!!Maryanne xo

  2. Good luck with his Marjorie! The duck walk looks particularly intriguing. After being on vacation etc etc I do have to get back to the gym!

  3. I think I could seriously hurt myself doing the duck walk.

  4. Hi Marjorie
    it will be the can can for me.. the duck walk looks like too much effort. hehe

    thanks for popping in for my blog birthday post.. ciao xxxx Julie

  5. I just love these! VERY inspiring!Thank you for stopping by and the well wishes :)
    I wish you a fantastic weekend too!