Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lone Cypress

The winter tree against December's sky
Has never stood more poignantly than now;
There is no leaf to soothe its tragic lines.
But far beyond the landscape of the eye,
Within the core, within the barren bough,
Faith lies with life, inseparably entwined.

Poem by Dora Hagemeyer (1891-1989)

A Poet of Nature, the late Dora Hagemeyer was a fixture of the Carmel, California literary scene. For fifteen years, her column the "Poetry Corner" appeared in the local newspaper, The Pine Cone.

Spending this December on the California Central Coast, not far from the scene in this painting.



  1. Wonderful poem...and is the picture a painting, photo, collage or embroidery?

  2. Hi Gerry,

    Lovely as always to hear from you.
    It is an oil painting, not by Dora, but by another Carmel artist. Dora Hagemeyer was also an artist, as well as a poet. I have just begun to research this fascinating multi-tasker.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. Amanda,

    Welcome Friend! I miss you all. A long newsy email is in your future.


  4. hooray! it's the same address ... look forward to it ... love amanda

  5. Hello, dear Marjorie,

    Please forgive me for not visiting more often. Life sometimes gets out of hand as I'm sure you know.

    However, I have a Christmas request to propose. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me so we can go undercover?

    Merci par avance.

    Warmest regards,