Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest and Halloween 1905

Antique Leaf-Shaped Dance Card ~
Harvest Dance, September 28, 1905.

Fill your dance card, and Grab your partners for the traditional Waltz, Two Step, and the extra dances: The Pumpkin; The Corn and The Y.M.L.C.

And three days later, don't forget to come to the Y.M.L.C. hall for the Halloween Party and "The Ghost Walk"!

Dancing Under a Harvest Moon,


  1. Dear Marjorie,
    What wonderful's funny because my daughter asked what a dance card was the other day. She is 29 and she laughed and couldn't quite comprehend it !!!!She obviously hasn't been watching enough period dramas !! XXXX

  2. What a wonderful find! This is too cool, I love it, so romantic! XX!

  3. Delightful! The structure of it made room for anticipation. (I always love seeing September 28- my date of birth.)

    Happy All Saint's Day, Marjorie! xo G

  4. i just had to say hello.....singing and skipping jo