Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Cowboy's Sweetheart

Yee-Ha! The night of our first date he arrived wearing cowboy boots and blue jeans. I thought that was pretty brave. Here I was a serious art history major (working on my master's degree in Museum Studies), and I had never seen anything like it. He took me country western dancing at the Red Door North, and we have been two-stepping ever since.

Perhaps that is why one of our favorite waterning holes is the Corkscrew Cafe at Georis Winery in Carmel Valley, CA.

The winery and cafe are owned by the amazing Georis family. The two brothers were members of The Sandals, (one of the original surfer bands), and they composed the music for the iconic surfing film "The Endless Summer." They have now turned their artistic, as well as gastronomic talents to creating iconic restaurants, such as this, as well as Carmel's Casanova and La Bicyclette.

Lots of Cowgirls here,
including one of their wines,
which is called ~ Cowgirl Red!

The interior of the Corkscrew Cafe

The bar in the Winery Tasting Room

A Wagonfull of Lavender

Always a place to hang your hat!

Out West of the Great Divide,


  1. MARJORIE! I wish I could make the font bigger to emphasize my surprise and delight to SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!! And, although I know Carmel quite well, I have never seen this cafe! Oh dear, Ruben and I have to get back there again soon. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME!!! How are you dear?????? Please come back again soon! Love, Anita

  2. Hi Marjorie!!!!
    Been busy getting ready for antiques week!!!!How are you! Looks like you are enjoying yourself! That looks like a fun place the Corkscrew Cafe! Glad you can get some time to kick up your heels!!!!!Maryanne