Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Cat Formerly Known as "Sweet Pea"

The fields near the cottage were a tangle of wild sweet peas when a little stray cat appeared at our doorstep. We named her Sweet Pea, and she was just as sweet as her name.

We fed her, watched her grow, and made a place for her in our home and in our hearts. Along the way, we shared many adventures ~ sunrises and sunsets, cat naps, nights by the fire, and a memorable trip to the vet for her shots. Imagine our surprise when the doctor announced that we had a very happy and healthy little boy cat. So Sweet Pea became just “P”.

The fields of bright Goldenrod flowers announced the end of summer, and time for “P” to leave. Sandy (owner of Swansdown Antiques) has taken him to live in the snugness of her Main Street apartment. Not only does he have a new home, but a new name~”Tux” (short for tuxedo, which Sandy says he looks as if he’s wearing). We are lonely for kitty, but are thankful he will not be spending another cold winter alone at the lake.

But she’ll ~ I mean he’ll always be Sweet Pea to me.


  1. Me too -and cats -and old gardening books and 'sweet pea' a term of endearment I use for my little nieces....