Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kitty Home Come!

Sweet Pea is her name. This adorable stray cat first came to the backdoor of the cottage needing a nuzzle and a meal. Ever since she has been the centerpiece of family life.

Sweet Sweet Pea

The kitty has even been granted special permission to nap on Grandma's favorite chaise lounge.

Lately, though, I have begun to worry about what will happen to kitty when I fly away home, and when the North wind begins to blow. I am told, not to worry... that she has already survived at least two Upstate winters (one even in the attic of the cottage garage). But Sweet Pea needs a real home. With that in mind, she has just applied for a position as chief mouse catcher and shop cat for Swansdown Antiques at Rose Hill Mansion in Geneva. Finger crossed she aces the interview.

Call me Smitten,,


  1. oh marjorie..i hope she gets the position...i really do..she looks so sweet...

    i have a stray here that i named pixie..she came labor day...2008...late in the day...and comes every morning at 7 and every afternoon at 4...right on the dot...and she gets her can of Fancy Feast...and a pet on the head and some visiting too....

    i just love kittys too...

    i have missed you...have you been away???

    kary and teddy

  2. Sweet Pea looks so cuddly and adorable! I do hope she gets the position!! Keep us posted. :)

  3. Gorgeous - by name and nature I'd guess. How lovely. Have a brilliant week ahead..

  4. Ahhhh the name matches her perfectly...a cutie for sure....who could resist her...hope her forever home works out...

  5. It sounds like you could have shared custody of sorts.
    They do steal your heart don't they?

  6. I do hope she has a happy new home. I can just imagine how hard it is to leave her behind.
    Wishing you a happy week,

  7. She is s sweetie! I have had this happen to me before.......Here's wishing her a great new home and she owes you big time for the rescue!!!!Maryanne xo

  8. Yes, i can see how smitten you coudl get. seh look purrrfect. I so love scraggly cate--love it when they sit on one;s lap too and purr away. Awww.