Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flower Girls

The showers of April have not only brought May flowers, but some hip new flower girls to town.

Tricia Perault & Lauren Orman have just opened Rose Hip Floral Design at The Crossroads in Carmel, CA.

The fresh eye of the owners is reflected in the succulent green of the shop’s exterior and business card, and the seductive hues of the floral inventory. Vintage McCoy vases, stacks of tatty books, and brightly labeled food tins (as holders), are just a few of their visual styling tricks. The shop is a breath of fresh air.

When, I asked the girls to create something quirky for my artistic Aussie friend, Linley, (in town for the weekend), they came up with this double bouquet of purple sweet peas in an Italian tomato tin. Bellissimo!

This must be the week for floral inspiration. Arlette Bossaert, my Belgian florist friend, just sent me some images of her latest work. She specializes in flower arrangements for weddings at castles in the Flemish countryside.

Meg from Pigtown Design writes that she will be devoting Sundays to flower posts.

Just scattering a few petals,


  1. I bought many bunches of muguets at the SF flower market this morning. Finally affordable. I thought of you.

  2. Happy that you scattered a few petals my way this evening.
    Yes, stick with the Orcas, Marjorie. Much safer. I've never seen a whale but it's on my list of things to do. That, and ride a camel!

  3. Dear Marjorie,
    There is nothing better than saying it with flowers. I love the beautiful sweet peas in that colourful tin. Such a great idea.
    I have been to Carmel and I can imagine that florist fits in so well. It's such a pretty town.,,, and your friend's work is so beautiful.
    Keep scattering those petals, Marjorie. XXXX

  4. Those lilies are simply amazing.

  5. HI Marjorie
    Well .. beautiful flowers and best wishes to the girls on their new shop!!! One day I will get to Carmel and visit you all..

    thanks for your kinds words.. xxx Julie

  6. ooh what a fabulous post. Love seeing flower girls at their best. xo