Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Dog to Love

I still remember that Christmas: getting up at dawn, rushing down the stairs, carefully plugging in the tree lights, and listening for any sounds of life. I was about five years old, and I had been lobbying my parents for months to get me a puppy. I swore to them that my allergies would not be a problem, nor would I allow the dog to annoy the grumpy old man next door. I WANTED A DOG! I was certain that my pleading, pouting and tears would win over my parents, and that Santa would grant me my wish.

That morning, I searched high and low, and then I saw it. I could not believe my eyes – it was a STUFFED DOG! There had to be some mistake. What planet was Santa living on? Hadn’t I made myself very clear? It was a real dog that I wanted. One that I could love, that would lick my face, jump into my lap, and follow me to school - not some dopey stuffed animal, which would sit impassively on my bed! My heart still aches at the memory.

My family did eventually get dogs. First came Silky, and then Max; but by then I was grown up and out of the house.

My puppy longing has never subsided. Over the years, with all my travels, it never seemed fair to take on the responsibility of owning a puppy. But, I have enjoyed the dogs of others - walking, petting, and baby-sitting them whenever given the chance. I have revelled in the many awards that my friend Kate’s Scotties have won. And, I have wept tears with my friends Linley, Cathy and Michelle as they lost their beloved pets. Only this past week, a new friend and blogger Kary lost her sweet Buddy.

But, I have a new dog in my life, my grand-pup Winnie. Isn’t she beautiful? We’ve yet to meet. But I love her already.

They call it Puppy Love,


  1. Oh this is just the best news and I am so excited for you. Cant wait to see more pics!

  2. Marjorie dearest!

    Oh what sweet childhood dreams! Your Winnie is a darling, and these creatures touch us so....I have a pic on my recent post of my "Blondie", when I was in second grade. Loved that dog.....

    Have a splendid day! Anita

  3. Oh Marjorie,
    I can just see your disappointment when you received your stuffed dog !! I think, though, you are a real animal lover as you know that it's not fair on the animal if you are away a lot.
    But, Winnie looks so beautiful and you can now enjoy a dog without all the expense of vets and, walkies and dirty floors when they come in from their walk !!!! XXXX

  4. Winnie looks like a winner indeed! Have fun with her.

  5. Marjorie, I never had animals growing up and have to admit some dogs scare me, but that story of your childhood christmas was so touching, and Winnie looks very sweet and loving!
    My son has begged us for a dog, but we travel so much I could not bear to leave a dog in kennels etc.....someday maybe it will work out....

  6. I am new to your blog, and I cannot believe I've not visited before. I love how you write. It is beautiful.


  7. Dear, dear Marjorie,

    As a dog person, we have two now, and I'm a stray picker-upper, I must say your new grandpup is stunning.

    It's never ever too late for licks and laps and all the rest.

    Please e-mail me when you have a second at yahoo.


  8. Marjorie..DOG LOVE...there is nothing else like it on this earth...

    thank you for the kind words, my friend

    i am having a bad day...and your thoughtfulness matters so much...

    sending love,

  9. Hi Marjorie, thanks for visiting my blog today! Yes a house in Spain, it is really terrific, a medium town in the south by Cadiz. I am lucky, I love it there, the people and the food and the life.....I hope someday to be there all the time!
    So when will you meet Winnie???

  10. HI Marjorie
    you know I really miss having a dog... which sounds silly as I haven't had one since I was a teenager, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately.. that pure love and companionship that animals provide... but for similar reasons as yours it wouldn't be fair.

    Love the images in this post and your lovely story. So sorry your missed out on that pup on Christmas Day... xx Julie

  11. Oh Marjorie,
    Winnie is a sweety! I was the same with my parents with a dog. Of course I didn't take care of them as much as I'd promised:))

    There's nothing like the love you get from a pet!
    Can't wait to see more of Winnie!!!!

  12. Oh how easily I get puppy love! Puppy love, kitty love, bunny love... I love 'em all!!