Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing Chez Clint's

Diana Vreeland once said: "When I discovered dancing, I learned to dream. "

I have been a dancer my whole life. But never more than this past Friday, when we joined a hundred or so Carmel neighbors dancing the night away at Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch. It is Monterey Jazz Festival weekend, and the old patio barn at the Ranch rocked to jazz, blues and sixies/seventies tunes played by a group of talented local high school musicians and their teacher. When my good-natured husband tired of the dance, my enthusiastic partner then became a trés elegant gal of seventy or so. All in red from her beret to her socks and shoes, how very Vreeland she was in her choice of color and in her love of dance! The evening ended with chants of "Bring Back the Barn!" So the dance gig may become a regular thing.

Walking back in the dark, we looked up at the sky and could see the Big Dipper for the first time in ten years (since we have been living in the Southern Hemisphere). This beacon guided us home.

In a twist on D.V.'s musing I would add: "I dream of dance, and I dance to dream!"


P.S. The photograph of the can-can dancers is from my collection of antique images. It is by a forties photographer named Tilley. Look closely at the dancers, as they are composed of vegetables-note the jolie cauliflower costumes.


  1. Marjorie!!

    This photo is soooo cute.. I love it! and I want to come to the dance too!!! I always danced as a child... tap and jazz... drove my mother nuts.. tap dancing whilst wiping up the dishes..then clubbing as an adult and now.. yes lazy... need to get my dancing shoes on!!

    And another love the stars!! How can you love the moon without the stars as well! So... you lived in the southern hemisphere? No big dipper here. When I was in europe and the greek islands I was fascinated by the stars there.. well I am raving on... lovely memories you have given me!! x Julie

  2. I love this photo, and I love your description of your dancing evening. It sounds amazing. Oh, and I was excited to hear about you seeing the stars. My cats woke us up at four am a couple of days ago, so we went out on the deck and just watched the stars until we couldn't take the cold anymore. It was absolutely stunning!

    Thanks for the inspiring post! xoxo Gigi

  3. How cute.... dancing vegetables. I love to dance but my husband does not. His loss! So glad to hear you had such a grand time.

  4. That photo is adorable. I love it. Cauliflowers....too funny.

  5. Hello!
    Thank you for the visit to my blog ... and I LOVE your can-can cuties! I will have to spend time reading your older posts to see if you have included any other bits from your vintage image collection.
    Have a super week!
    Betty :)