Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Thoreau Summer

These long hot summer days remind me of the old hammock at the family cottage in the Finger Lakes. A relic of WWI, the hammock was brought back by my maternal grandfather. It was made of heavy grey canvas with dark letter stenciling. We kids spent hours swinging in it, and designing ever-more daring acrobatic feats.

This summer I have vowed to take some time in a hammock: to rock, to read, to think, and to sip some of Aunt Betty’s mint tea. Thoreau said it best in the following excerpt from his Journal:

I go forth to make new demands on life. I wish to begin this summer well; to do something in it worthy of it and me, to transcend my daily routine and that of my townsmen; to have my immortality now, that it be in the quality of my daily life…. I pray that the life of this spring and summer may ever lie fair in my memory. May I dare as I have never done! May I persevere as I have never done! May I purify myself anew as with fire and water, soul and body! May my melody not be wanting to the season! May I find myself to be a hunter of the beautiful, that naught escape me! May I attain to a youth never attained! I am eager to report the glory of the universe. May I be worthy to do it; to have got through with regarding human values, so as not to be distracted from regarding divine values.

Savor your summer,


  1. Bonjour Marjorie!
    Thanks for visiting!!! How delightful to discover your world of French and Carmel. I love both worlds and I have attempted to fuse this love into my décor and interests. Thanks so much for your comments. May you have a relaxing summer, what is left. Anita

  2. "Savor your summer"....that is exactly what I am trying to do....I love your post! I know the Finger Lakes well...lots of family there....beautiful country...
    Have a great night! Laura

  3. hey ;) Thanks for passing by, I enjoyed reading your flea market adventures ;) Love the way you write
    All the best from Holland ;)

  4. Just wanted to say how lovely your blog is - I've really enjoyed reading your posts tonight - un vrai plaisir, merci!

  5. Bonjour Marjorie!

    Lovely blog.. Thanks for your visiting..

    Love from Melbourne..

  6. Marjorie,
    Your blog is so wonderful.... your stories of fleamarketing in Europe and life in Carmel are truly a treat to anyone but especially to a home body like me. Thank you for taking me to your world. I will happily join you too!

  7. Love the photo and your Thoreau quote :)